Convert EML files of Windows Live Mail into Apple Mail \ Thunderbird \ Entourage MBOX format preserving Email Content which saves you a lot of valuable time.

In few seconds, have conversion of EML files into MBOX going on. Follow simple conversion steps of software and convert your EML emails to MBOX format in one go.

Have a look on working video of EML to MBOX Converter and easily know about how it`s work & how it`s look like during the process of conversion. Video of tool, also clear your doubts easily.

Phenomenal Features of software

Convert EML Mails from Multiple Apps – You can easily convert the emails into MBOX format from Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail & any other app that support EML format.

Open MBOX in Mac Mail, Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird & other apps that supports the format. Once EML files are converted into MBOX then you can import the files in any mentioned platforms.

Convert Multiple EML files at once into MBOX format using the tools batch conversion option. Just have all emails saved in 1 folder & select that folder using the selection option available in the program.

Retains entire Email Structure & Attachments – Successfully converts EML emails while preserving the header & formatting information like –to, cc, color, font, etc & also transfers the Attachment files.

Support many platforms – Software runs on Windows Platform – Win10, Win 8, Win 7, XP, Vista, 2000, etc. and can convert EML files of Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Vista Mail to MBOX.

Guide Line - EML to MBOX

Follow this simple steps and convert your EML files of Windows Live Mail to MBOX format.

  1. Click on "Choose Windows Live Mail store folder" to select EML files

    (You can select EML files of any email application that supports the .eml format)

  2. Click on "Convert to Mac Mail"

    (EML are converted to MBOX format, apps; like - Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc supports the format)

Detail Working Procedure

Working Video of Software

Know about complete conversion process of software

Take a look on working video series of EML to MBOX Converter, with this video you can easy get complete knowledge about how this software work and convert EML emails into format of MBOX.

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